Food Security Program: Federal Government Begins Distribution Of 42,000MT Grains In This State Next Week

Food Security Program: Federal Government Begins Distribution Of 42,000MT Grains In This State Next Week

Food Security Program: Next Monday, the Federal Government will start distributing 42,000 metric tonnes of cereals throughout the nation, starting with Niger State.

Following a meeting with the agriculture minister, Niger State Governor Mohammed Bago made this announcement on Thursday at the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security headquarters in Abuja. He stated that Niger will be utilized as a pilot state before other states would join.

We are here to talk with the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security about the President’s visit to Niger State and the start of the agricultural mechanization process that they have been able to deliver.

We also talked about the federal government’s palliatives, which include distributing food from all of the nation’s grain stocks, with Niger State serving as a test site in the North Central region so that the program may start in earnest.

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“Next week, the distribution will start. We are arguing that Niger State has demonstrated that it can deliver the benefits of democracy to the agricultural sector, and as a result, our sister states are joining us, according to Bago. To combat the growing cost of food in Nigeria, President Bola Tinubu ordered the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security to release around 42,000MT of maize, millet, and other commodities from the national strategic reserves on February 8.

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Following a meeting of the Presidential Committee on Emergency Food Intervention, this was revealed in Abuja by Mohammed Idris, Minister of Information and National Orientation.

Idris had also mentioned that the Nigerian Rice Millers Association had committed to putting about 60,000MT of rice on the market.

The decision was made in response to national unrest brought on by food prices rising.

The first is that 42,000MT of maize, millet, garlic, and other commodities that are in their strategic reserve are to be released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security so that Nigerians can access them right away.

The second is that we have had discussions with the Nigerian Rice Millers Association. We have requested that the people in charge of producing this rice open their businesses.

They claim to be able to guarantee roughly 60,000 metric tons of rice. Journalists were told by the information minister that Nigerians would have access to it, bringing food to the market.

On February 14, 2024, the Federal Government also declared that it would provide impoverished Nigerians with the 42,000 metric tonnes of grains that the President had approved at no cost.

To guarantee that the goods reach the intended population across the country, it was also disclosed that the Department of State Services and the National Emergency Management Agency had been involved in the distribution process.

During a ministerial press briefing in Abuja at the time, Abubakar Kyari, the minister of agriculture and food security, also declared that the government would help 500,000 farmers cultivate and produce one million metric tonnes of rice.

In the meantime, Bago informed reporters on Thursday that the Niger State Government has purchased 120 food trucks to supplement the efforts of the Federal Government to reach a larger population.

The agriculture minister responded by saying that the Office of the National Security Advisor’s and the National Emergency Management Agency’s template would be used for the distribution of the grains.

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