Don Jazzy: You can write while singing garbage

Don Jazzy: You can write while singing garbage.

It could not have been a hit if Tekno had sung “IF.” Don Jazzy “Davido delivered everything—his mood and his feelings. The song perfectly captured him, and his performance was everything.

Imagine Tekno belting out “Oh, thirty billion for your account.” The truth is that sometimes writing songs is easier than singing them, therefore it sometimes makes me laugh to see people criticize musicians for not writing their songs.

As a producer, I’m aware that Tekno will perform some songs more brilliantly than Davido. Give up trying to disparage someone by claiming that they are not music writers. You can write while singing garbage.

Don Jazzy While Peruzzi writes songs and Davido is well-known, how many hits does he has ? You can’t take anything from 001 .

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