Conditional Cash Transfer News from FG To Enrol 283,003 Beneficiaries

Conditional Cash Transfer News from FG To Enrol 283,003 Beneficiaries

Conditional Cash Transfer News: To enroll 283,003 beneficiaries, the Federal Government has started training facilitators for the Lagos State Renewed Hope Conditional Cash Transfer program.

During a one-day training in Lagos on Tuesday, Dr. Michael Ajuluchuku, the National Programme Manager of the National Cash Transfer Office (NCTO) in Abuja, stated that the initiative’s goal is to provide financial assistance to the state’s most disadvantaged inhabitants.

Ajuluchuku claims that the step-down training is designed to get facilitators ready to register the state’s 283,003 beneficiaries.
To ensure that recipients enrolled quickly and the circle was completed by the original concept, he required money from the facilitators.

He said that the project will target homes that are categorized as poor and vulnerable nationwide, giving priority to households in both rural and urban areas.

According to him, “The two components of the NASSP-SU intervention scale concept are Shock Responsive Social Protection (Urban) and Shock Flexible Social Protection (Rural), which are meant to provide beneficiaries with N25,000 for three months, reaching N75,000.”

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 The Cash Transfer Selection Process

Ajuluchuku emphasized the two program-implementing entities of the National Social Safety Net Project when discussing the selection process. Data collection on the nation’s poor and vulnerable is expressly the responsibility of the National Social Safety Net Coordinating Office.

“Their job is to collect statistics about the underprivileged.

The National Cash Transfer Office is the second unit in charge of implementing the program and is primarily in charge of carrying out the intervention.

The National Safety Net Coordinating Office provides us at NCTO with these two sets of data about the impoverished and vulnerable.
“These data are obtained for intervention because the recipients have to meet certain requirements, including being impoverished and vulnerable and falling below the federal government’s defined poverty line,” he explained.

Things to be aware of

The influence that the initiative had on the lives of Nigerians led President Bola Tinubu to decide to continue the conditional cash transfer project, which had its origins during Muhammadu Buhari’s previous administration.

In November 2023, the president introduced the Renewed Hope Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) to reduce economic shocks caused by government initiatives, among other things. 15 million Nigerian households are to receive a three-month cash transfer of N25,000 as part of the Renewed Hope Conditional Cash Transfer initiative.

“This is mostly due to the numerous difficulties the nation faces, including inflation, the elimination of gasoline subsidies, and economic issues.

By addressing the problems, the government is acting,” Ajuluchuku said.

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