Call For Application: Apply for the Training and Support Program of the NTEEP 2024

Call For Application: Apply for the Training and Support Program of the NTEEP 2024

NTEEP 2024: Before you apply, you should know how to use this program. Get Quality Business Coaching: Participants undergo a month-long intensive training program facilitated by industry experts. The training covers the fundamentals of business, guiding startups through the complexities of business development, strategy, and management.

Access to modern marketing

To understand the digital age, NTEEP places giving strong emphasis on digital marketing. Participants receive training from experts in the field, equipping them with the knowledge to effectively use digital platforms for business growth.

Access to Digital Tools

Recognizing the importance of technology in business, NTEEP provides startups with access to technology tools. This ensures that they are equipped with the necessary resources to navigate and thrive in the digital age.

Access to a business website

NTEEP takes a hands-on approach by hosting websites to get started at no cost. This allows startups to establish and strengthen their online presence, an important factor in today’s business environment.

Long-term leadership opportunities

The program matches participants with professional mentors in their industry. Mentors provide guidance and support to help startups overcome challenges and achieve milestones. Mentorship is an important factor, which allows entrepreneurs to tap into the wealth of knowledge from those who have gone before.

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Dateline: 14/3/2024

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