Call for Application: Apply For AUCTF grant application

Call for Application: Apply For AUCTF grant application

AUCTF grant application: With great pleasure, we announce the opening of the second round of the African Union Civic Tech Fund (AUCTF), which invites innovative African projects to use technology to effect positive change. This call is for you if you’re passionate about utilizing cutting-edge civic digital solutions to promote citizen-led change throughout Africa.

Selected candidates may be eligible for financial assistance of up to €15,000 to help them expand and advance their civic-tech initiatives. For local groups and initiatives registered in African nations, it’s a rare chance to change things.

What is AUCTF 2.0?

AUCTF 2.0 is a 12-month program to spread cutting-edge municipal technology solutions throughout Africa. It acknowledges that effective citizen participation in governance settings is greatly facilitated by technology. AUCTF seeks to empower Africa’s youth to determine the future of the continent by addressing issues of governance and development via the use of data and digital technology.

Why Civic Tech Matters

Democratic governance and social progress are predicated on civic engagement. AUCTF is looking for projects that use technology to encourage community-driven decision-making, transparency, and civic involvement. These projects promote a more equal society and boost democratic governance by enabling inclusive public participation.

Supporting Africa’s Transformation

In addition to funding, the AUCTF offers technical support to strengthen the voices of citizens. Initiatives that support Agenda 2063, Africa’s blueprint for inclusive and sustainable development, are given priority. Through endorsing initiatives that further this vision, AUCTF hopes to establish Africa as a future global superpower.

Apply Now

The AUCTF grant application period ends on May 12, 2024. Don’t pass up this chance to expand your project and have a long-lasting influence on Africa’s growth. Come along with us as we use technology and citizen involvement to promote positive change.

Submit Your Proposal (EN).

Submit Your Proposal (FR)

For more information and to apply, visit the African Union Civic Tech Fund website.

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