BVN/NIN Linkage Online: How To Link GTB and Zenith Bank Accounts Through Online Methods

BVN/NIN Linkage Online: How To Link GTB and Zenith Bank Accounts Through Online Methods

A man has recounted his experience attempting to connect his accounts using his BVN and NIN.

He compared Zenith Bank’s and GTB’s connecting systems in a post on X, claiming that the former is far more straightforward.

He claimed that while Zenith’s USSD technique worked without a hitch, the GTB NIN/BVN linkage website generated an error notice during the final step of the procedure.

A man has written about his experience attempting to use Zenith Bank’s and GTB’s techniques to link bank accounts to BVN and NIN.👇

Nigerian bank customers must link their bank accounts to their National Identity Number (NIN) and Biometric Verification Number (BVN).

While some banks have requested that their clients come into their branches to complete the activity, others have offered online tools for connecting NIN and BVN to accounts.

In a post on X, a Nigerian man named Kunle Dee said that using the USSD code that Zenith Bank had issued was an easy process.

Kunle said that following the final stage of the procedure, the GTB-provided self-service link sent an error code.

View his post below.

Easy steps are released by Access, UBA, GTB, and Zenith for customers to link their bank accounts to BVN and NIN. Click here to get every detail.

Reactions to BVN/NIN linking methods

@lance458 said:

“Polaris Bank Ltd. and First Bank don’t even have a digital method for doing it.”

@kunledee said:

“I heard that you must write a letter to UBA.”

@seyidoxa said:

“I was successful in submitting the GTB form. I’m hoping they take action. It’s possible that you didn’t create the captcha image before sending it in.”


“To be honest, I saw little progress throughout my two days at GTB. You are charged N20 for each trial and the supposed number you need to contact to create a code isn’t working. Such waste of time and rubbish.”

@aytaiwo said:

“Yesterday, I spent less than 20 minutes connecting at Zenith..”

How to link BVN/NIN to bank account

Legit. ng revealed that Nigerian banks are eager to make sure that every one of their valued clients complies with the legal need to link their BVN and NIN to their accounts.

national laws and regulations.

Customers can reduce their risk of identity theft, fraudulent transactions, and unauthorized access to their bank accounts by following the step-by-step approach.


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