Ashley graham pregnant oscars 2023 and Zoe Saldaña the Chaos of Parenting In Pre-Oscars Interview

ashley graham pregnant oscars 2023 and Zoe Saldaña the Chaos of Parenting In Pre-Oscars Interview

Ashley Graham Pregnant Oscars 2023 – Motherhood can be as hard as it is rewarding, so it’s often a huge relief to know that you’re not the only one struggling through it. And this Oscars, during a preshow interview, Ashley Graham and Zoe Saldaña took the time to bond over the challenge and joy — that comes with being a parent.

Ashley Graham Pregnant Oscars 2023 – During their conversation, Graham pointed out the similarities between her and Saldaña’s families: both have three children, two of which are twins. The celebs said that their kids bring them equal parts joy and mayhem, agreeing that their homes are both “absolute chaos” and “so much fun.”

But while Saldaña said she loves being a mom, she admitted there’s one thing she wasn’t prepared for: “the lack of sleep.” Relatable.

Graham was also advised by Saldaa that being a parent “makes you worry all the time.” She noted that parents had the enormous task of trying to “direct their curiosity” while also trying to keep their children alive. Yet it can be challenging to strike a balance between sheltering children and allowing them to discover things on their own. Saldaa said, “They didn’t come via you; they don’t belong to you.

The “Avatar” actress previously discussed her choice to shield her children from the media, telling People in February 2023 that “When cameras are in their faces, it would probably be terrible for a child who has yet to understand what’s going on.”

Saldaña The correct individual was chosen to confide in. Graham has also been open about motherhood, discussing topics including the realities of pregnancy, postpartum body image, and her opinions on motherhood. Any parent will attest to the value of having a group of parent friends with whom you can commiserate, celebrate your successes, and lean on through difficult moments, such as those caused by a newborn’s lack of sleep. ( Ashley graham pregnant oscars 2023 ). is ashley graham pregnant oscars 2023

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What show are you most looking forward to seeing tonight? she inquired. No specific person. What are you wearing tonight? Graham continued. Just my outfit, I retorted.

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Ashley Graham

What’s your favorite thing about attending the Oscars? Ashley Graham of ABC asked Grant after she had secured her for the interview. The night was “interesting,” the actor stated, adding, “The entirety of humanity is fascinating.”

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